What Is Web Data Extraction?


  • Scrape websites with infinite scrolling, login, drop-down, captcha, etc.

  • Extract data from sites with multiple levels of navigation: categories and subcategories, pagination, product pages

  • Scrape unlimited pages


  • Cloud-based only development model

  • Scraper is built on cloud technologies and can scale with your goals

  • Quality monitoring, notification, alerts, and alarms

  • Error detection, handling, and flow control

  • Intelligent request balancer prevents IP from being blocked


  • Export data to any format (CSV, XLSX, JSON, etc.)

  • Automatic data export to S3

  • 24/7 access data on S3

  • Providing clean, structured, formatted, and high-quality data

How It Works


Discuss your requirements with our specialist to determine the collection path and define the export format.

Determine project plan

Get your approval on a project plan with detailed estimations and a road map.


Creation of data extraction module, keeping you in the loop throughout the process.

Free tier

Delivery of 1000 free records to verify that they meet your unique business requirements.


Allocate resources and start a data extraction pipeline that would match your needs.

Deliver Data

Fulfill your business goals with data exported to S3 cloud storage.