Amazon web scraping

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Amazon web scraping

What is Amazon scraping?

Extract publicly available data from Amazon's vast landscape. Scrape Amazon product images, specs, prices, customer reviews, seller rankings, SKUs, ASINs, — there is hardly a data unit we can't process. We extract country-wise domains like Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, and many more.

We do all the heavy lifting for you. Our team scrapes, cleans, and structures data — and you get it in Excel, Avro, CSV, JSON, or other format.

Let our expertly managed team handle your Amazon scraping. Benefit from efficient onboarding, predictable cost, and continuous data flow.

Conduct your own Amazon data harvesting operations with the reassurance of our comprehensive support and the reliability of our proven tool.

Types of Amazon data to scrape with Nannostomus

Amazon data scraper collects information Amazon data scraper collects information

Product data.

Scrape Amazon prices, images, product descriptions, stock levels, keywords, product identifiers (ASINs).

Seller information.

Fetch names, ratings, total number of reviews for a well-rounded market perspective.

Category details.

Extract data from Amazon related to number of products, product types, ratings, etc.

Shipping information.

Discover shipping costs and policies across different products and regions.

Customer reviews & ratings.

Rely on our Amazon review scraper to collect reviews, ratings, and questions asked about a product.

Sales rank.

Reveal bestselling goods, demand, fulfillment type, etc. across the Amazon marketplace.

Benefits of data scraping from Amazon

Explore opportunities with Amazon data crawler

Tap into Amazon equipped with insights about the market, bestsellers, and more. Scrape Amazon product data from your rivals, analyze top sellers, and reveal trending products to develop strategies that differentiate your offerings.

Scrape Amazon product data to optimize listings

Study well-performing listings to learn what appeals to buyers and a search engine. Scrape product data from Amazon to analyze titles, bullets, descriptions, images, pricing strategies, and more. Discover effective keywords to improve your listings.

Real time Amazon data scraping for inventory management

No matter the fulfillment type — you win from streamlined inventory management. Get insights into stock levels of other merchants to predict product demand. Unlock better inventory planning, timely order delivery, and reduced storage costs.

Graph showcasing brand performance metrics from Amazon parsing

Monitor your brand performance on Amazon to see what you do great and what areas you should work on to attract more buyers. Apply web scraping Amazon prices, track changes in sales, reviews, and ratings regularly to shape your own brand's positioning for maximum appeal.

Customer sends reaction collected wtih Amazon web scraping

Keep an eye on customer reviews and ratings with Nannostomus Amazon reviews web scraping. Get a better idea of customer preferences and pain points to tailor your offerings to meet customer needs and enhance satisfaction.

Obstacles of Amazon scraping

Amazon scraping is not easy. It definitely requires a professional touch and knowledge about how to use the scraping tool ethically and effectively.

  • Amazon’s anti-scraping measures like IP blocking, CAPTCHAs, and rate limiting call for sophisticated data fetching technologies.

  • Dynamic structure of Amazon pages requires constant updates to scraping strategies to maintain effectiveness.

  • Amazon hosts millions of products across thousands of categories in variations (colors, sizes, styles, etc.) encouraging you to make enormously vast Amazon data scraping efforts.

  • Raw fetched data is only the first step — you’ve got to have a level of expertise to ensure data integrity and quality.

  • A scraping tool needs regular maintenance and updates to keep up with changes in Amazon’s site structure and anti-scraping measures.

Amazon web scraping with Nannostomus


Experience consistent data extraction, no matter how robust Amazon scraping Captcha is.


Our team continually monitors and adapts to the evolving structure of Amazon's pages.


Whether you want 5,000 or 5,000,000 records — our service scales with your needs.


Receive ready-to-use insights captured even from the vast volume of parsed Amazon product pages.

Custom solutions.

Managed scraping services or Amazon web scraping API software — your call. Start with free sample records.

Maintenance & updates.

Get uninterrupted data access with Nannostomus as we keep up with Amazon's changes.

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