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What is web scraping?

Publication date: 2024/02/06

Web scraping, what is it exactly? And how do you leverage it for your business? Let's figure this out.

How to get data from a website

Publication date: 2024/01/15

Ever wondered how to extract information from website? Or multiple websites? Check out this article to have a better idea of how to pull data from the web.

Outsourcing vs managed team for a web scraping project

Publication date: 2023/12/18

Read this Nannostomus blog article to learn the difference between outsourcing and having a managed team to collect data from the web for your business.

What Is Alternative Data: Definition and Use Cases

Publication date: 2023/10/23

What is alternative data? What are the main sources of alternative data? Read about successful alternative data usage cases in Nannostomus blog.

What Is Data Transformation in Data Mining?

Publication date: 2023/10/13

What is the definition of data transformation in data mining? Is this important? Learn the best data transformation techniques in data mining in Nannostomus blog.

What Is Data Parsing?

Publication date: 2023/10/09

What does it mean to parse data and how it works? What types of data can be parsed? How data parsing can benefit? Read about that in Nannostomus.

Structured, Unstructured and Semi-structured Data: Main Differance

Publication date: 2023/10/02

Do you want to know, what are the main differences between structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data? Learn main definitions, pros and cons, and usage cases in Nannostomus blog.

Data quality assurance techniques: how to ensure data quality while web scraping?

Publication date: 2023/08/18

Wonder what are the best practices for data quality assurance during web scraping and how to overcome common challenges? Discover this and more in Nannostomus blog.

Correlation in Data Analysis: What Is It?

Publication date: 2023/08/14

Learn the potential of usege of correlation analysis in business. Read about its role in decision-making, real-world applications, pros, and cons in Nannostomus blog.

Exploratory Data Analysis: What Is EDA?

Publication date: 2023/08/07

Discover how exploratory data analysis (EDA) facilitates data-driven decision-making. Learn EDA's meaning, importance, types, and role in data mining.

What is data migration?

Publication date: 2023/07/21

Learn what is data migration and grasp best practices for its implementation from Nannostomus data experts.

Using proxies in web scraping

Publication date: 2023/07/14

Would you like to avoid blocking your IP address by a source website? Learn how proxy servers help you collect data smoothly.

What is data ingestion?

Publication date: 2023/07/10

Why should you care about data ingestion in your information management pipeline? This article explains this concept and breaks down its advantages.

What is the Difference Between Web Scraping and Web Crawling

Publication date: 2023/06/16

Wonder how to choose the right data extraction method for your unique needs — web scraping or crawling? In this article, we break down the difference between them.

What is Data Mining? — Everything You Need to Know

Publication date: 2023/06/05

Are you curious about what is data mining and how it works? In this blog article, we discuss this concept in detail.

How Legal Is Web Scraping: Laws, Cases, and Recommendations

Publication date: 2023/05/29

Are you concerned about the legal side of data scraping? In this article, we have all questions regarding this matter covered. So dive in.