Google Maps scraping

Convert Google Maps data like companies' names, websites, addresses, work hours, photos, reviews, and more into a convenient format. Gather data about your competitors, identify potential customers based on location and industry type, or get insights for location-based marketing.

Google Maps scraping

What is Google Maps scraping?

Fetch vast amounts of valuable location-based data from the widely used mapping service. At Nannostomus, we offer two distinguished routes to scrape data from Google Maps.

Focused on data and not on the process of obtaining it? Our team handles everything for you — from setting up the scraping parameters to delivering ready-to-use data.

Looking for a team to become an extension of your operations? Have a dedicated, fully-equipped team at your service to dive into Google Maps scraping with the pros.

Prefer to keep scraping under control? Get Nannostomus Google Maps scraping tool to extract quality data on-demand.

Types of Amazon data to scrape with Nannostomus

Different categories of data available on Google Maps Different categories of data available on Google Maps

Business listings.

Names, categories, ratings, reviews, and more.


Exact addresses and geocodes.

Contact info.

Phone numbers and business hours.


Photos associated with businesses.

Reviews & ratings.

Unfiltered feedback to identify areas of improvement.

Popular times.

The busiest times for specific businesses or locations.

How business benefits from Google Maps scraping

Find potential areas for business expansion using Google Maps scraper

Make informed decisions on where to open your next store or offer your services. Scrape Google Maps to ensure you're reaching your most valuable potential customers.

Spot business competitors using Google Maps web scraper

Scrape Google Maps business listings to benchmark your competitors' locations, customer reviews, and ratings. Gain a bird's eye view of your performance, identify gaps, and stay ahead of the game.

Pinpoint target audience locations with Google Maps data harvesting

Understand where your target customers are located and how they interact with businesses like yours. Use our Google Maps data scraper to create more personalized, impactful marketing campaigns.

Web crawling to collect Google Maps data for lead generation

Unlock access to business listings and contact information with our Google Maps web scraping services. Get a direct line to potential clients and partners to create more collaboration opportunities.

Viewing Google Maps data scraped to improve search ranking

Enhance your online visibility. Understand the geographic distribution of your industry and optimize your local SEO strategy by leveraging data scraping from Google Maps.

Delivered by Nannostomus.

Why consider Google Maps data scraping for your business

Location planning.

Are you looking to expand your physical presence? Grasp geospatial data to identify optimal locations for new branches, outlets, or services.

Travel & tourism.

Tailor your offerings to your customers' preferences to maximize your revenue. Scrape Google map data to understand popular spots, customer reviews, and peak times.

Market research.

Do you want to get a better idea of your competition or identify market trends? Use Nannostomus Google Map data extraction services to get ready-to-use data to drive your market research.

Logistics & supply chain.

Are you into logistics, delivery, or any other business relying heavily on geospatial data? Scrape Google Maps results to optimize their routes and improve efficiency.

Pitfalls of data scraping Google Maps

  • Google Maps data is intricate and multifaceted, so it may be hard to ensure the info you get is truly what you want.

  • Setting up and managing a Google Maps email scraper can be daunting without the right expertise and tools.

  • IP blocking or CAPTCHAs are in place to prevent scraping activity, so it may be challenging to extract data at scale without getting interrupted.

  • Google Maps is constantly updated and changes regularly, so web scraping Google Maps requires continuous monitoring and maintenance.

  • The legality of web scraping varies by country, so you should respect privacy laws, adhere to ethical practices, and use the data responsibly.

Scrape Google Maps data with Nannostomus


Receive reliable, accurate, and usable data — our skilled data professionals take care of that.


Because of a microservice architecture, you get a constant, uninterrupted flow of data.


Scrape locations from Google Maps at a scale as our engine is hosted on AWS cloud.

Custom solutions.

Outsource data scraping or do the job by yourself using the Nannostomus engine — your choice.

Ethical scraping.

We handle the balance of extracting comprehensive data while respecting Google's terms of service.

Maintenance & support.

Obtain continuous support to ensure your data stays fresh, relevant, and aligned with any changes in Google Maps.

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