Registered sex offenders database demo (USA) 2024

The most comprehensive American national sexual offender database of 2024. Meticulously compiled from 57 public sources into a single, easily ingested feed. Demo data is available in JSON, CSV, or via API.


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What's inside our national offender database

  • The widest coverage
  • Fresh & clean data
  • Easy to use
  • 100% compliant

Offender data.

  • Main (names, sex, age, ethnicity, addresses, phones, emails, work addresses, etc.)
  • Mark (scars, marks, and tattoos)
  • Alias (additional names)
  • Vehicle (license plate number, state, year, make, model, color)
  • Photo (photo file names for each offender)
  • Files (photos of offenders)

Sexual crime list.

  • Date of crime and conviction
  • Arresting agency
  • Offense description
  • Sentence

Download sex offenders sample dataset.

Up-to-date national database for registered sex offenders

High-volume data.

Spend countless hours searching for complete information across different registered sex offender databases? You shouldn't. Here's a one-stop solution where you can quickly access information from the Dru Sjodin database and other sources. But we didn't just compile. We compared data fields across different sources. Identified discrepancies. And filling out missing fields to ensure completeness.

Ready for immediate use.

Every sex offender online database has its own way of presenting listings of sex offenders. We go through every bit of data and bring it into a national sex offender database US that follows a common format. It's easy to find Offender and Offense data—as we've deconstructed it into separate components. We make sure all the details match up and make sense. You won't find an 'UNKNOWN' address or a '00000' ZIP code in Nannostomus' database registered sex offenders as we've fixed those up.

Monthly updates.

Ever worry about using outdated info from the sex offender registry national database? With us, that's a thing of the past. We refresh the sex offenders online database every month. But that's not all. We keep an eye on our data parsers 24/7. So, if one of our web scraping tools fails because of website updates, our team promptly fixes them. So your data flow stays smooth and uninterrupted.

Flexible delivery options.

Our demo criminal sex offenders database is ready to roll in the format you love most. Whether it's JSON, CSV, or XLSX, we speak your language. Besides, we're all about getting it to you where you want it—Google Cloud, FTP, S3, Azure, you name it. Need data on the fly? Just send a request through our API—and find what you need in our sexual assault database in a matter of seconds.