Scraping Google News

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Scraping Google News

What Is scraping Google News?

Extract relevant and precise information from Google News. Whether you need article titles, authors, publication dates, URLs, and body texts — Nannostomus delivers it all.

Don't have the time or resources to scrape Google News? We curate the information that matters most to you. Obtain impactful and refined data in the desired format.

Have resource limitations or a skill gap that keep you away from scraping Google News? Extend your capabilities with a Nannostomus self-managed team.

Look for a self-service news scraping tool to fetch data on your own? Direct scraping process and personalize the results with Nannostomus software.

Why do you need to scrape Google News?

Track real-time market trends.

Stay abreast of industry shifts and developments. Whether it's regulatory changes, technological advancements, or shifts in consumer behavior, Nannostomus's Google News web scraping service ensures you're always informed and ready to adapt.

Identify new opportunities.

Web scrape Google News to spot an emerging market, an under-served customer segment, or a potential partnership. Gain a strategic advantage and be fully equipped to seize these opportunities.

Monitor your brand.

Understand what people are saying about your brand. Track brand mentions, sentiment, and public opinion to proactively manage your brand image and respond appropriately to any public relations issues.

Manage risks.

Detect potential threats before they impact your business. Web scrape Google News to identify potential risks and red flags early on to win time to formulate effective mitigation strategies.

Types of Google News data to collect

Different data types extracted using Google News scraper Different data types extracted using Google News scraper

Article content.

Titles, announcements, expert opinions, trends, regulatory changes, and more.

Author details.

Names, positions, companies they own or work for, etc.


Publishing date and time to track the evolution of a story or trend.


Images, videos, infographics, etc.


Categories and tags to classify the information based on your needs.


Comments and social media shares to get a sense of public sentiment.

Let's discuss how Nannostomus can help.

The cases of web scraping Google News

Google News web scraping for comprehensive market analysis

Equip your business with the knowledge to make data-driven strategic decisions. Scrape Google News results to reveal insights into evolving market trends, consumer behavior, emerging technologies, and competitive landscapes.

Monitoring brand reputation with Google News scraping app

Monitor your brand mentions, track public sentiment, and manage your reputation more effectively. Understand how your brand is perceived to enable proactive PR management and timely interventions by web scraping news articles.

Gather product feedback and trends using Google News web scraping

Keep an eye on technology advancements, consumer demands, and competitive offerings. Tap into Google News datasets that will guide your product development strategy. Identify gaps in the market and create products to fill them.

Find potential leads and market segments with Google News crawler

Reveal potential leads and new markets with Nannostomus article scraping services. Track news about business expansions, product launches, or industry events to identify potential customers or partnerships.

Assess market risks and threats using Google News scraping app

Stay vigilant against potential threats. Monitor news about regulatory changes, economic downturns, or negative sentiment. Scrape articles from websites to be aware of potential risks and be able to quickly formulate effective mitigation strategies.

Web scrape Google News with Nannostomus


Our news web scraping professionals have the experience, skills, and knowledge to provide you with high-quality data from Google News.


Get uninterrupted access to insights because of the microservice architecture, even when the AWS server fails.


Whether you need data in small batches or large volumes, we ensure efficient and consistent delivery due to the AWS-based Google News crawler.

Custom solutions.

Whether you prefer a hands-on approach to scrape Google News results or wish for us to handle it end-to-end, we cater to your needs.


We follow stringent measures when web scraping news to ensure utmost confidentiality, security, and legal compliance.


We ensure quick turnaround times and cost-effective solutions when scraping news, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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