Dataset for machine learning

Train your LLMs and AI models with diverse, relevant, and clean machine learning data. It's collected from scratch to ensure 100% relevance for your machine learning project.

☑️ Any volume. ☑️ Free sample data. ☑️ Starting from $0.0001 per record.

E-commerce data scraping

How to get machine learning data sets with us

Collect and analyze data from online marketplaces and competitor websites with our web scraping ecommerce sites services.

Get large volumes of training data for machine learning without investing in infrastructure. Just tell us what data you need, and we'll handle the rest. Perfect for one-time projects.

Integrate our team to create and maintain dataset machine learning. We manage HR and day-to-day tasks. Ideal for long-term projects.

Scrape data for machine learning in-house using our web scraping tool. Works great for companies with IT departments.

Comprehensive data pipeline for machine learning

Large dataset for machine learning with text data | Nannostomus


Build Google machine learning datasets from search results or target specific websites. Collect website content, urls, prices, reviews, and other textual elements.


Assemble image datasets for machine learning to let models learn from visual content. We'll collect images from specified websites so you can train your bots on these pictures.

Building data sets for machine learning from images | Nannostomus

We cover data preprocessing for machine learning

Data preparation for machine learning | Nannostomus

Preparing data for machine learning starts with its collection. We use a proprietary Nannostomus engine—totally optimized for cost-effective data harvesting.

Cleaned machine learning data repository | Nannostomus

We identify and fix missing values, outliers, and inconsistencies in the dataset. Data cleaning for machine learning improves the training outcomes.

Labeled data for machine learning | Nannostomus

Labeling data for machine learning means tagging a group of raw data with informative identifiers. They provide context so that a machine learning model can learn from it.

Normalize public data for machine learning | Nannostomus

We transform features to be on a similar scale during normalizing data for machine learning. Improve the training stability and model performance with normalized data.

Machine learning large datasets with complete data | Nannostomus

Ensure you use diverse data for training models with our scaling data for machine learning service. Don't miss out on key perspectives.

Good data for machine learning from Nannostomus

Free sample data.

Request free sample data for machine learning projects. Verify the quality of data before we scale the operation.

Data delivery.

Ensure you get open data for machine learning from as many resources as you need. Thanks to batch processing, we can handle any number of websites.

Data relevance.

We don't have pre-assembled datasets for machine learning. We tailor data to your desired fields, sources, and formats.

Reasonable cost.

We've fine-tuned the process of collecting big data for machine learning. So, one record costs around $0.0001*.

*Excluding initial setup and maintenance costs.


The database for machine learning we deliver is fully compliant with data protection laws (GDPR, CCPA, etc.).

Great terms.

We offer attractive engagement terms: installment payment options and competitive rates for continued maintenance.