Sex offender database API

645k+ offender records. All 50 states & US territories. Dataset updated monthly. Customized fields. Free sex offender API to check.

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Nannostomus sex offender registry API free to try out. Select the state, input the name, and check out the results.

Need more fields in the national sex offender registry API?

What our sex offender registry API offers

High level of detail.

We've collected data on American sex offenders from 57+ public sources. Depending on the source, there are 20+ data fields.


Tailor search parameters by location, name, or specific identifiers to get exactly the information you need.

Monthly updates..

We update the sex offender dataset every month to ensure you access the freshest and fullest information about sexual perpetrators.

Quick response time.

It usually takes from 5 to 10 seconds for our API sex offender to process the request and deliver data.

Smooth integration.

Enjoy seamless integration with your platforms and systems, and adjust data output formats to fit perfectly into your existing workflows.


Whether you need the assistance of our team for the initial sc sex offender API integration or ongoing maintenance, we have you covered.