Google Reviews scraping

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Google Reviews scraping

What is review extraction?

Extract, categorize, and analyze online customer reviews from a multitude of platforms. Listen to what your customers are saying about you and your competition, and turn this data into actionable business insights.

Experience the ease of receiving structured and ready-to-use info. Let our team handle everything, from setting up custom scrapers to providing clean, analyzed data.

Let our managed web scraping team expertly handle your reviews scraping needs. We swiftly get a dedicated team on board to unlock actionable insights from customer reviews to fuel your business growth.

Equip your team with the capability to execute review data scraping with the Nannostomus tool. Get full control over the process and scrape reviews on demand.

Why is it important to scrape reviews?

Improve your offerings.

Refine your products or services. Fix any weak points and double down on what works.

Gain competitive intelligence.

Scrape Google reviews and other sources to learn what customers say about your competition.

Increase ROI.

Invest in data-backed decision-making to optimize your marketing strategy, improve customer retention, and boost sales.

Build reputation.

Improve your online reputation, increase customer trust, and attract new clients by tracking feedback and acting upon it.

Where you can collect review data

Extract customer feedback from online shopping platforms

Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces are filled with product reviews. Tap into these sites to extract data about product features, shopping experience, shipping, and more.

Gather aggregated reviews from multiple sources

Fetch real-time reviews and feedback from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Threads, and other platforms. Get an idea about the overall sentiment about your brand and products.

Collect user testimonials from social media platforms

Delve into Yelp, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, or other review platforms to gather location-specific feedback, ratings, and more.

Extract specialized reviews from niche industry platforms

Scrape G2, Capterra, and other sites dedicated to specific industries to track what's happening on the market and see how your product/service compares to your rivals based on feedback.

Scrape customer feedback from Google Reviews

Scrape reviews from Google to get an overall sense of your business's reputation and areas for improvement.

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Types of Amazon data to scrape with Nannostomus

Different data points extracted from user reviews Different data points extracted from user reviews

Product data.

Scrape Amazon prices, images, product descriptions, stock levels, keywords, product identifiers (ASINs).

Seller information.

Fetch names, ratings, total number of reviews for a well-rounded market perspective.

Category details.

Extract data from Amazon related to number of products, product types, ratings, etc.

Shipping information.

Discover shipping costs and policies across different products and regions.

Customer reviews & ratings.

Rely on our Amazon review scraper to collect reviews, ratings, and questions asked about a product.

Sales rank.

Reveal bestselling goods, demand, fulfillment type, etc. across the Amazon marketplace.

How to boost your business with review data

Customer experience enhancement.

Learn the areas where you can improve customer experience. This could be anything from simplifying the purchasing process, improving customer support, or tweaking your return policy.

Competitive analysis.

Scrape Google product reviews not only about your own business but also about your competitors to identify where you stand in the market. Discover your unique selling propositions and areas where you can outperform your competition.

Reputation management.

Monitor and manage your online reputation by responding to reviews, particularly negative ones. Show customers that you value their feedback and are committed to resolving any issues.

Marketing strategy.

Identify your customers' preferred language and tone, as well as key selling points to highlight in your marketing campaigns — all gathered with Google scraping reviews.

Scrape review data with Nannostomus


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Custom solutions.

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Save the time and effort of having to develop and maintain your own scraping setup.


Get accurate and reliable data — all because we adhere to stringent quality control procedures while web scraping Google reviews.

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