Aliexpress scraping

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Aliexpress scraping

Scraping AliExpress — what is it?

Unlock the full potential of one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms. Gather critical data such as product information, customer reviews, pricing trends, and seller ratings from AliExpress to make more informed business decisions.

Leave the entire scraping process in our capable hands. We handle everything from setting up the scraping parameters to delivering the data in a format that works best for you.

Enhance your AliExpress data capabilities with Nannostomus's self-managed web scraping team. Elevate your team's capabilities with our expertise and focus on leveraging AliExpress insights for your business growth.

Prefer a hands-on approach? Use our AliExpress product scraper to acquire, analyze, and apply data insights at your own pace. Handle complex scraping tasks with ease with Nannostomus software.

AliExpress data scraping — what to collect?

Different data types extracted using AliExpress scraper Different data types extracted using AliExpress scraper

Product data.

Product details, images, specifications, and variations.


Pricing trends, discounts, and offers.

Seller data.

Merchant ratings and reviews.

Sales volume.

Number of units sold, season, period.

Reviews & ratings.

Customer feedback on specific products.

Market data.

Number of products, and the growth rate of a category.

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How web scraping AliExpress benefits businesses

Increase efficiency.

Automate 40% of repetitive tasks such as manual data collection and entry to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth.

Improve accuracy.

Inaccurate data costs a business an average of 12% of its revenue. Ensure you use relevant information scraped with our AliExpress crawler.

Reduce costs.

Save 30% in operational costs by automating routine tasks such as data collection.

Understand customers.

Gain deep insights into customer preferences and behaviors. Leverage quality data to be 60% more profitable than your competitors.

Optimize prices.

Spot pricing trends and competitor pricing strategies to optimize your own pricing and boost revenue by up to 25%.

Improve product selection.

Align your product selection with market demand to attract more customers and increase sales.

Examples of using AliExpress data

Analyzing product trends with AliExpress product scraper

A fashion retailer used our AliExpress data scraper to analyze emerging trends in clothing and accessories. They refined their product lineup, which resulted in 15% increase in sales within a single quarter.

Competitive pricing analysis using AliExpress scraper

An electronics store utilized data we provided from AliExpress on competitor pricing to optimize its own pricing strategy. Once it adjusted prices based on market trends, it saw a 20% uptick in revenue.

Inventory management insights from AliExpress content scraping

A toy company scraped AliExpress data to monitor sales volumes of various products. This helped them efficiently manage their inventory and allowed to reduce stockouts and overstock scenarios by 30%.

Understand customer feedback with scrape AliExpress account tool

A health and beauty company used our AliExpress web scraping service to analyze customer reviews from AliExpress to understand customer pain points and preferences. It improved its product formulations and marketing messaging. As a result, customer satisfaction rates had grown by 25%.

Identify top suppliers using AliExpress crawler

An e-commerce startup used seller ratings and reviews from AliExpress to identify reliable suppliers and avoid potential scams. This strategic approach increased its supplier reliability score by 40%.

Web scraping AliExpress with Nannostomus


With our team of data experts at your disposal, you're ready to focus on leveraging insights to drive your business forward.


The microservice architecture of our engine ensures your data extraction process is uninterrupted, delivering reliable data whenever you need it.


Our advanced engine, hosted on the secure and reliable AWS cloud, effortlessly grows with your business needs.


Make strategic decisions based on clean, structured, and accurate data scraped by Nannostomus.

Custom solutions.

Opt for our hands-off managed service or take control with our user-friendly software. Choose a solution that fits your business needs.


Automate AliExpress data collection and processing flows to save costs you can reinvest in your core business operations.

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