Document scraping

Make manual document processing a thing of the past with Nannostomus. Capture valuable data hidden within countless files and systemize unstructured information for a more efficient decision-making process.

Document scraping

What is document scraping?

Use an innovative technique to convert piles of paperwork into accessible and actionable insights. Effortlessly fetch valuable information from resumes, invoices, orders, reports, and other documents to optimize the internal flows and make data-backed business decisions.

Your hassle-free solution. Our team delves into your documents to surface insights for you. We decode your data so you can focus on leveraging it. Start with free records.

Your in-house solution. Get document scraping expertise from our team to get an uninterrupted data flow. We seamlessly integrate into your operations and handle all the HR and project management details.

Your autonomous solution. Use a Nannostomus document scraper for self-service parsing. Take control of your data journey and get insights as and when you need them.

Scrape eBay data and boost your business

Legal documents processed by a scraper tool

Have to deal with heaps of case files, legal provisions, and contracts? Streamline the process of case research and contract analysis to enable faster and more precise services with document parsing.

Collect papers and research with a document crawler

Constantly dealing with a pile of reports, scholarly articles, patents, and more? Use a Nannostomus document parser to turn information overload into valuable insights.

Financial analysis of extracted data from documents

Would you like to reveal financial indicators that assist in making profitable decisions? Apply unstructured document parsing for your financial reports and other files.

Harvest medical records and health data from documents

Look for a better way to manage medical records, research papers, and health reports? Uncover patterns and findings that lead to improved healthcare solutions with Nannostomus.

Harvest medical records and health data from documents

Is your company in need of a faster, deeper, and broader data analysis? Rely on web scraping project documentation to focus on interpreting data and providing actionable insights to clients.

Nannostomus is here to help you.

Why do you need to use document parsing?

When talking about the document parsing meaning for your business, figures speak better than words.


improvement in decision-making speed and accuracy


growth in overall operational efficiency


decrease in the risk of data errors


reduction in data extraction costs

Scrape Documents in different formats


Extract business data even from the most complex PDF files.


Parse DOCX and Word files to turn text and tables into structured insights.


Convert raw data from simple lists to complex multi-sheet workbooks.


Collect information from web pages into one place.


Turn plain text files into actionable data.


Effortlessly scrape textual data from images and scanned documents.

Obstacles of Amazon scraping

  • Poor quality documents, such as scanned images with low resolution or documents with complex layouts, result in inaccurate or incomplete data extraction.

  • For sensitive information, ensuring the security and confidentiality of the data is a critical concern.

  • Without the right tools and expertise, scraping documents is a resource-intensive task that may divert your focus from core business operations.

  • Dealing with large data volumes results in information overload, making it challenging to distill valuable insights.

  • Knowing and adhering to the regulations surrounding data extraction and usage in different jurisdictions can be a tough one.

Nannostomus' comprehensive document scraping services tackle these challenges head-on. With cutting-edge document crawler, stringent security protocols, and data experts, we ensure a seamless, efficient, and secure document scraping experience.

Parse documents with Nannostomus


Work with professionals who understand the intricacies of document scraping and skillfully handle data extraction from various formats.


Benefit from fail-safe operation and get your data on time. Our microservice architecture ensures an uninterrupted service.


Nannostomus' AWS-based scraping engine scales effortlessly, handling anything from small projects to massive document sets.

Custom approach.

Pick among managed scraping services or Nannostomus software installed in-house — it's your call.


Be confident in data's integrity and confidentiality as we have the stringent data security protocols in place.

Maintenance & support.

Obtain ongoing maintenance and support to get uninterrupted access to data that is critical for your business.

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