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National sex offender registry report

Nannostomus registered sex offenders report 2024

Since 2013, we’ve been collecting sexual offenders data across all 50 states and territories in the USA.

To handle this task, our team developed a Nannostomus web scraping tool. It sifts through public websites to gather data and bring the most comprehensive national sex offender dataset.

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Ever wondered which state has the highest number of registered sex offenders? Or what’s the typical profile of an offender? Maybe you’re curious about the age or gender of the victims, or how the law has responded to these offenses. We’ve got all that covered in our report.

Sex offender report across the USA | Nannostomus Blog

Total number of registered convicts in our national sexual offenders list

As of February 2024, 688,799 people are in our sexual registry. Though, these numbers aren’t static. They fluctuate throughout the year as new individuals are added and removed from registries. Additionally, we’re in the process of loading information on Puerto Rico. So, we’ll be adding it to our report soon to offer a broader perspective on the landscape of sexual offenses across the nation.

Texas, California, and Illinois have the highest rates of registered sex offenders. State of Texas sexual offenders list counts 97,386 individuals, followed by California at 82,751, and Illinois at 33,149.

The Northern Mariana Islands, Michigan, and the Menominee Tribes represent the lower end of the sexual predator watch list. With the Northern Mariana Islands and Michigan having 100 and 99 registered offenders respectively, and the Menominee Tribes at 31, these areas show significantly lower rates compared to other states.

How many sex offenders are there in my area?

How many sex offenders are there in my area?
Texas 97386 West Virginia 6322
California 82751 Iowa 6313
Illinois 33149 Connecticut 5991
Florida 35369 Massachusetts 5214
New York 26745 Idaho 5022
Wisconsin 25847 Nebraska 5016
Georgia 24238 New Jersey 4655
Pennsylvania 24116 Delaware 4315
North Carolina 19899 South Dakota 3825
Colorado 19839 Alaska 3336
Missouri 19754 Hawaii 3071
Tennessee 19516 Maine 2923
Virginia 18903 New Mexico 2834
Ohio 18656 New Hampshire 2695
Arkansas 17439 Wyoming 2504
South Carolina 16058 North Dakota 1940
Indiana 13527 Oregon 1505
Louisiana 12975 Minnesota 1500
Alabama 11132 Rhode Island 1343
Kansas 10143 Vermont 1246
Arizona 9891 District of Columbia 1044
Utah 9758 Guam 852
Colorado 19839 Alaska 3336
Kentucky 8984 U.S. Virgin Islands 125
Mississippi 8230 American Samoa 106
Nevada 7332 Northern Mariana Islands 100
Oklahoma 7068 Michigan 99
Maryland 6783 Menominee Tribes 31
Montana 6485 Puerto Rico Coming soon
Washington 6437

Who is in the listing of sex offenders?

Our data collection spans across the broad spectrum of what’s publicly available. However, it’s worth noting that not all sources are created equal—some are more detailed than others. The variability in quality and quantity is not an issue for us, as we bring that data to a common standard. Here’s what we gather:

  • Basic details (names, age, gender, ethnicity, addresses, contacts, and employment information).
  • Appearance (height, weight, eye color, hair).
  • Marks (scars, marks, and tattoos).
  • Aliases (additional names).
  • Vehicles (make, model, year, color, license plate number, etc.).
  • Photos (loaded to a file).

So, who exactly finds their way onto a sexual predator list near me? As we delve deeper into the profiles of these individuals, we’re narrowing our focus to one particular state: Florida. We’ll generalize age, sex, race, counties, cities sex criminals reside in, special marks, and vehicles.


The data shows a bell curve distribution for sex offenses in Florida depending on the age: they rise from early adulthood, peak in middle age, and then decrease with age.

Sex offenders in Florida based on age

The most common age range for sex offenders is between 40 and 59 years, with a total of 17,126 individuals. Sexual interest peaks in both the 40-49 (8,299 offenders) and 50-59 age groups.

The number drops to 7,583 for those aged 60-69. Then it goes down more sharply to 3,332 for the 70-79 age group. The sexual interest continues to decline with age and reaches 938 for those aged 80-89 and 116 for those aged 90-99.

The younger age group (10-29) account for a smaller portion of the total. Specifically, individuals aged 10-19 and 20-29 together total 1,434 offenders.

So, our sexual predators list near me indicates the frequency of offenses is much higher among individuals in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.


The data clearly shows that males are significantly more prone to committing sex offenses in Florida. 34,433 crimes are reported to be done by men, compared to 936 female offense cases. Gender of sex offenders in Florida


In Florida, white individuals are the largest racial group among sex offenders. It totals 25,827 cases. Black people also make up a significant number, with 9,207 people committing sexual abuse.

Asian offenders are much less common, with 162 individuals on the list. Additionally, 122 cases have an unknown racial classification.

American Indians or Alaskan Natives are the smallest groups—51 individuals involved in sex offenses.

Analysis of sex offenders based on race

Location of registered sex offenders in my area in Florida

This section dwells on the areas where sex outlaws reside. Note that some registered sex offenders might not live in the state. They might be in Florida for a vacation, business trip, or something else. So, the origins of these offenders could stretch across different states or even countries.

In total, sex offenders in our Florida database settle across 305 counties. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

The counties with the highest number of offenders in Florida—Orange (2,880), Duval (2,400), Hillsborough (2,148), Miami-Dade (1,795), and Pinellas (1,757)— are some of Florida’s busiest places. It’s not surprising to see higher numbers here. Bigger populations in urban areas usually mean more crime. Partly because there are simply more people and also because it’s easier for offenders to blend in.

Broward (1,314), Polk (1,310), Palm Beach (1,155), Escambia (1,091), Marion (1,067), and Lee (1,007) also report high numbers of registered convicts. Rural counties and those with smaller populations report fewer offenses, as seen with Lafayette (13), Decatur (9), and Camden (8).

In our Florida registry, we’ve got offenders from 906 cities. Orlando has the most registered individuals in the Sunshine State—2,452 offenders. Jacksonville (2,369), Tampa (1,312), Miami (1,249), and Pensacola (933) aren’t far behind.

10 counties with the highest number of sex offenders who have committed crime in Florida Top 10 cities offenders come from (who have committed crime in Florida)
Orange 2880 ORLANDO 2452
Duval 2400 JACKSONVILLE 2369
Hillsborough 2148 TAMPA 1312
Miami-Dade 1795 MIAMI 1249
Pinellas 1757 PENSACOLA 933
Broward 1314 TALLAHASSEE 806
Palm Beach 1155 FORT LAUDERDALE 665
Escambia 1091 LAKELAND 527
Marion 1067 CLEARWATER 483

Want to know what are the safest or, on the contrary, the most dangerous cities across Florida or the entire America? Get in touch with us to discover sex offender database options.

Special marks of sex offender near me in Florida

People often have multiple unique marks, and we count each one separately in our dataset. Here’s the total count for each type: Marks of sex offenders in my area


In our Florida predators search dataset, tattoos are the most frequent mark, especially on the arms. There are 7,663 individuals with at least one tattoo on their right arm and 7,470 on their left arm. Tattoos are also common on the back (3,860), left chest (3,461), and right leg (2,904), while neck (1,675) and face (413) tattoos are rarer.

Many offenders have multiple tattoos on the same body part, with significant counts of second (right arm: 3,049; left arm: 2,946), third (right arm: 1,097; left arm: 1,109), and even fourth tattoos (right arm: 477; left arm: 478) on their arms.


Scars rank as the second most common distinctive mark. Their unique size, shape, and location help law enforcement and other agencies identify individuals, as scars remain consistent over time.

Most frequently, scars appear on the stomach (1,971), face (1,907), left arm (1,842), right arm (1,595), left leg (1,366), and right leg (1,330). They are also found on the back (868), neck (570), and middle chest (528), among other areas.


Birthmarks were mentioned less frequently—605 people in our database are reported to have them. This could indicate either less frequent reporting or less emphasis on them as identifying features.

They are primarily found on the arms (right: 68, left: 61), face (67), and legs (right: 54, left: 59), with fewer occurrences on the neck (25), back (48), stomach (58), and chest (47).


510 individuals in our list of sexual predator near me are identified by this feature.

The most common location for moles is the face, noted in 318 people. Moles are also found on the neck (53) and other body parts, though less often.

Arm and leg moles are recorded (right arm: 11, left arm: 11, right leg: 4, left leg: 5), but their much lower numbers compared to facial moles indicate they may be less distinctive or less consistently noted.

Missing limb

Hands are the most commonly missing limbs: 74 offenders have incurred amputation of a left hand and 65 of a right hand.

Missing lower limbs are also significant. 36 offenders lacking a right leg and 33 a left leg. Additionally, 29 have a missing right foot, and 30 are without a left foot.

Missing arms are rarer. We’ve revealed only 6 instances of a missing left arm and 9 of a missing right arm.


The majority of registered sex offenders rely on automobiles for transportation. In total, 104,838 cars are registered to those people who have committed sex crimes in Florida.

Ford is the most common vehicle make among registered sex criminals. It’s a choice of 16,467 individuals. Chevrolet (13,613 ), Dodge (6,403), and Toyota (5,475) are other popular choices. A significant number of vehicles are homemade (4,596), which includes custom cars and modified vehicles.

A smaller number of offenders own various types of watercraft. Open motorboats (2,452) are the most popular. This suggests that fishing or recreational boating is popular among those who are on the list of sexual predators near me. There’s a variety of other vessels: personal watercrafts, cabin motorboats, pontoons, inflatable boats, canoes, etc., which are used for leisure activities.

Vehicles of national sex offenders

Crimes sex offenders in my area commit: Florida overview

Our approach to data harvesting tackles the differences in how various public registries report sex offenses. The trick is that some sources present a bare minimum of information, while others offer very detailed insights into sex crimes. We clean and format this data to make it more accessible and easier to compare. Key data points we collect include:

  • Date of crime and conviction
  • Arresting agency
  • Offense description
  • Status
  • Sentence
  • Crime city
  • Victim sex

Some resources may include the relationship to the victim, the weapon used, force used, pornography involved, or other data points.


Statuses of sexual offenders list Florida

The largest group, with 24,621 people, is released and subject to registration. This shows how many are living in communities in Florida but are monitored by law enforcement.

Another 6,127 are being supervised by the Florida Department of Corrections, likely on probation or parole.

The confinement category has 1,943 individuals currently in prison, either waiting for their trial or serving time for their offenses.

We’ve got 994 offenders who’ve absconded, meaning they haven’t kept up with registration and are now missing in action. That’s nearly a thousand people law enforcement is actively trying to track down, which is a big public safety challenge.

Deceased offender number 723. They are no longer a public safety threat but still counted for a full picture of the registry.

726 fall under U.S. probation for crimes that either crossed state lines or are federal.

There are 185 under civil commitment, considered too dangerous to release and held for treatment after their sentences end. It’s a small number, so just a fraction of offenders go through this level of post-prison control.

A tiny group of 28 has been deported from the U.S. after being convicted of sex crimes.

22 are supervised by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. This reflects the minor portion of youth in the system.

Crime city

There are 1291 cities registered in our database of crime cities in Florida.

According to our data on sexual offenders and predators near me, urban centers are major hotspots for such crimes. Possibly due to larger populations, higher reporting rates, or a combination of socio-economic factors.

Miami-Dade has the highest count of registered sex offenses. Then, come Hillsborough, Orange, Broward, Duval, Polk, and Pinellas. Other cities in the table have comparatively lower but still significant counts of sex crimes.

CrimeCity Count
Miami-Dade 4426
Hillsborough 4066
Orange 3375
Broward 3045
Duval 2959
Polk 2724
Pinellas 2457
Palm Beach 1720
Volusia 1593
CrimeCity Count
Brevard 1545
Marion 1411
Escambia 1289
Leon 1280
Interstate 1077
Lee 1068
Osceola 1059
Pasco 1032
Alachua 1021

Victim sex

Unknown makes up the largest portion of the data—44,770. In these cases, the sex of the victims is not identified or reported. Additionally, 5,657 cases suggest a gap in reporting mechanisms as they’re identified as No records found.

Female victims constitute the second-largest group. There are 9,154 female victims registered across Florida.

Although the number of male victims is the lowest among the categories, 2,182 sexual offenses have been made against men and boys.

Florida gender sex victims

The final word

When used responsibly and with respect for individual rights, sex offender registries provide families or specialists with crucial information. For example, families can choose the safest neighborhoods to live. HR agents can make sure their hiring choices create a safe and welcoming work environment. Governmental institutions and non-profit organizations can measure the efficiency of legal, social, and educational interventions toward reducing sex crime rates within the USA.

Contact us to discuss sex offender data options that align with your business needs.

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