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Data validation

Are you drawing in questionable data? Duplicate records, lapsed email addresses, incomplete lead details, or inactive leads make no good for your ROI and efficiency of workflows. Transform this information chaos into an ocean of opportunity with Nannostomus, your trusted data validation service provider. Contact us

Meaning of data validation

Whether it’s newly collected information or an old database that hasn’t been scrutinized for years, you can’t ignore their validation.

Data validation is the process of implementing rigorous checks to verify that your info meets specified criteria, is consistent, and is devoid of errors. If done manually, it can take ages. And this can be a problem if you operate in a rapidly changed and highly saturated industry. Luckily, you have Nannostomus by your side. We use automated validation techniques to ensure the integrity, reliability, and usability of your information in the shortest time span.

No matter your role or industry, validation and verification of data serve as the bedrock of your data strategy. Foster trust, enhance performance, and drive growth with clean, consistent, and accurate information.

Data Validation


Improve decision-making processes to maximize business performance and profitability.

Marketing experts

Enhance targeting and segmentation to improve campaign effectiveness with our seamless data validation process.

Business analysts

Strengthen the accuracy of reports and forecasts to foster data-driven decisions.

Product managers

Bolster user details reliability to facilitate informed product development by entrusting data integrity validation to our team.

Data managers

Streamline information governance to enhance security and compliance.

Sales agents

Ensure a smooth user database validation to boost conversion rates and ROI with Nannostomus.

Different types of data validation

At Nannostomus, we provide a comprehensive suite of validation services. We ensure that your information is meticulously scrutinized and refined for optimal use with different types of data validation.

Range check

Maintain information accuracy and prevent unrealistic or inappropriate values from distorting your analyses. For this, we make sure that a certain piece of info, like a number or date, falls within a specified range.

Format check

Ensure email addresses, names, or phone numbers are in the correct structure or pattern with Nannostomus data cleaning and validation services. Have the information you’re working with in the format you’re expecting for a smooth analysis or lead outreach.

Code check

Have only valid data entries verified against a known set of values or codes. Whether it’s a zip code or anything else, the Nannostomus team will ensure you have only relevant and accurate details at hand for processing and further analysis.

Consistency check

Make sure the info you have aligns with logical rules or relationships. Once we set data validation requirements, our experts will maintain accuracy and reliability across interdependent fields.

Existence check

Would you like to spot submissions with missed fields? Nannostomus will run an existence check to ensure the completeness and usefulness of the information you have at hand.

Uniqueness check

Check whether data entries in the field are distinct and not duplicated with a smooth data validation process flow. For example, that each customer ID or email address appears only once to preserve the integrity and efficiency of your info storage and processing.

Main data validation steps

Effective validation is a well-orchestrated process. At Nannostomus, we’ve refined it into key data quality validation steps.

1. Define validation rules

We start our data validation procedures with understanding your unique data needs and contexts. Based on these, we define suitable validation rules like range limits, acceptable formats, or uniqueness.

2. Apply validation checks

Nannostomus runs data validation testing and then puts info through our advanced validation system. Here, our experts incorporate a range of checks to ensure comprehensive scrutiny of your information.

3. Identify errors

During the data validation and verification process, we flag any details that don’t comply with the established rules. This makes it easy to isolate and address problematic entries.

4. Correct errors

Based on the errors’ nature, we either rectify them where possible or remove the faulty information to preserve the integrity of your data set.

5. Verify

We re-verify the details to ensure all errors have been properly addressed. Once the information passes this final validation check, it is ready for your data validation use.

6. Ongoing monitoring

Validation isn’t a one-time event. We provide continuous and real time data validation to ensure sustained information accuracy and reliability.

Validate data with Nannostomus

Whether your data has been sitting in old databases yearning for verification or is freshly harvested from the vast fields of the web, validation is a process you can’t bypass on your way to accurate and usable information. At Nannostomus, we expertly handle both scenarios, adding value and integrity to your data resources.

Old data

Revitalize and revalidate information to enhance its relevance and usability for present and future needs.

Newly collected data

Scrutinize and verify information right from the point of collection to guarantee its accuracy and consistency for immediate use.

Meaning of Data Validation

As you turn to Nannostomus to handle your validation needs, rest assured that we’ll cover them all.

  • Any data type and file format
  • Any language
  • Any information volume

Examples of data verification and validation from Nannostomus As part of our transparent and customer-oriented approach, we provide clear examples and explanations of how we validate and verify your information.

Data validation in business intelligence

Our advanced validation processes ensure the highest degree of data integrity. Get accurate, reliable, and impactful business intelligence insights with Nannostomus.

Data analysis validation

By meticulously checking and cleaning your information, we guarantee that your analysis rests on a solid foundation of accuracy and reliability. Thereby, driving precise and reliable insights.

Advanced data validation

Our data validation tools and techniques ensure that your information meets the most stringent quality standards, adding an extra layer of assurance to your data processes.

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