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Get a 360 view of the job market with Nannostomus. Scrape job postings at scale to power your recruitment or job hunt process.

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Why do you need to scrape job data?

Regardless of your industry or professional pursuits, Nannostomus job scraping services deliver immense value.

You hire talent

HR, talent acquisition managers, business owners

  • Track labor market trends
  • Monitor competitor hiring strategies
  • Identify in-demand skills
  • Keep an eye on the company's reputation in the career market
  • Use job board scraping to keep databases up to date
  • Tailor your career postings for better reach

You’re a jobseeker

Experts, outsourcing companies, HR agencies

  • Discover trending roles
  • Get insights on market salary rates
  • Find hidden opportunities
  • Learn about companies' cultures
  • Match the talent pool with the best offers
  • Pitch your service to companies that are hiring

You’re a researcher

Market researchers, data scientists, academics

  • Investigate employment trends
  • Study salary disparities
  • Analyze employment market evolution
  • Research company growth patterns

Scraping job sites: which data do you get?

Job descriptions

Uncover the details behind every role with our data extraction of job descriptions — key responsibilities, required skills, experience levels, and more.

Job postings

Monitor the frequency and timing of postings, the industries posting most often, or even the surge in temporary or remote positions with the Nannostomus web scraping job postings service.

Candidate's resume

Let our team carry out data scraping job descriptions to extract details like candidate skills, experience, qualifications, and more to support talent acquisition strategies.

Salary ranges

Obtain valuable info about compensation levels across various roles, regions, and industries to establish competitive remuneration as an employer and negotiate a better salary as a jobseeker.

Company information

Scrape job listings to gain insights into a company's size, industry, culture, and more to better identify potential employers, spot business growth patterns, or understand corporate cultures.

Location data

Decode the geographical distribution of opportunities to strategize your talent hunt, plan your career move, and analyze market geography.

Working mode

Identify trends in position types by web scraping job descriptions — full-time, part-time, contract, or remote to guide your hiring plans, inform your position search strategy, or reveal the evolution of work modes over time.


Get granular with specific industry data — understand the roles, skills demand, and salary scales within individual sectors. Whether it's IT, medicine, government, or any other industry, Nannostomus job scraping service will cover it all.

Need other types of information? Nannostomus is here to enable depth and breadth of job data scraping to meet your strategic needs.

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Scrape Job Postings

Is it hard to scrape job listings?

If you’ve never handled data scraping jobs online, this process won’t be a walk in the park. Here’s what to be ready for:

Dynamic content

Career websites have continually changing content. This can pose difficulties in maintaining the accuracy and timeliness of the scraped data.

Data volume

The vast amount of career information available on the web is hard to handle without the right scrape Google jobs tools or expertise.

Anti-scraping technologies

Many sites employ measures like Captchas, IP blocking, honeypot traps, and more to prevent automated data extraction, which can obstruct the scraping process.


While scraping job sites for publicly accessible information is generally legal, certain websites have terms of service that prohibit it. Respect these regulations to avoid legal implications.

Job data scraping with Nannostomus


We house a team of seasoned professionals skilled in navigating web data scraping jobs. We understand the challenges, know the nuances, and have mastered the art of extracting quality information you can immediately use.

Advanced technology

Our sophisticated web scraping tools are designed to handle complex web structures, dynamic content, and large volumes of data. We adapt to anti-scraping measures and ensure we get the information you need.

Legal compliance

We strictly adhere to all legal guidelines and respect the terms of service of websites. We ensure our data extraction processes are ethical and compliant, giving you peace of mind.

Time & cost efficiency

Save your resources for what truly matters. Let us handle the time-consuming task of data extraction. With Nannostomus, you get ready-to-use insights at a competitive price.

Customizable services

Our services are tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're an employer, jobseeker, or researcher, we curate the data that suits your objectives, delivering actionable insights.

Reliable support

We stand by you throughout the journey, offering reliable support whenever you need it. We believe in building relationships, not just offering services.

Let’s make data work for your success. Experience professional web scraping services that prioritize quality, efficiency, and legality.