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Data preparation

Tired of information disarray obstructing your business insights? Discover the power of clarity with Nannostomus data preparation services. We’ll transform the info whirlwind into a strategic roadmap for your business. Unlock the potential hidden in your data, drive insights, and let your business thrive. Ready for a change? Contact us

The importance of data preparation

When data collection and preparation are done right, you clear up the clutter that hinders your business from taking informed decisions. But that’s not all. You pave the way for efficient operations and increased profitability in the long run.

Data Preparation

Improved decision-making

Businesses that use organization and preparation of raw data for data analysis and decision-making are 6 times more likely to profit year-over-year.

Increased efficiency

Organizations spend approximately 80% of their time on info preparation tasks. Automated data preparation dramatically reduces the time taken, allowing your employees to focus on core activities.

Enhanced accuracy

High-quality data improves the accuracy of business analytics by up to 77%. This ensures that your strategic decisions are based on accurate and trustworthy information.

Cost savings

Poor-quality data costs businesses $3.1 trillion per year. By refining and preparing data effectively, your business avoids such costs.

Increased revenue

Those companies that leverage high-quality data generate up to $100 million in additional annual income. Use Nannostomus data preparation methods to improve your bottom line.

Types of data preparation

At Nannostomus, we make data preparation a seamless and efficient process for our clients. Therefore, we offer a full spectrum of data preparation services, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Are you worried about data inaccuracies affecting your business decisions? Nannostomus meticulously identifies and rectifies errors, inconsistencies, and redundancies in your information. We deliver clean, reliable data ready for analysis and immediate use.


Do you struggle with piecing together info from different sources? Our data integration services combine details from various systems, providing you with a unified view of your operations. Make sense of disparate data sources and gain a comprehensive understanding of your business landscape with Nannostomus.


Does your data fail to fit into your existing systems or analytics tools? We convert your insights into the required formats for seamless compatibility across platforms. With our data preparation process, your files will slot effortlessly into your systems, ready for effective usage.


Do you feel that your insights lack depth for detailed analysis? Nannostomus enriches your raw data with supplementary information to provide a more profound, nuanced understanding. Get a 360-degree view of your operations and customers, powering sophisticated analytics and insights with accurate information prepared by our team.


Are you concerned about the relevance of your data? We validate your information for accuracy and consistency, reducing the risk of false insights. Be confident in the knowledge that your info is trustworthy and ready for use with Nannostomus data gathering and preparation services.

Data preparation steps

When you arrive in the hands of Nannostomus, rest assured your data will be treated with the care and precision it deserves. From the very first steps to ongoing support, we ensure that every effort we take is oriented toward the results you want to achieve. So let us explain data preparation at Nannostomus.

  1. Initial consultation to understand your business, your data sources, and your goals.
  2. Audit of your sources to identify any potential issues such as inaccuracies, inconsistencies, or redundancies.
  3. Cleansing to rectify errors, harmonize inconsistent info, and remove duplicates to ensure the highest level of data quality.
  4. Integration to bring together information from various sources into a unified format to provide you with a holistic view of your business operations, enabling deeper, more comprehensive insights.
  5. Transformation to convert information into appropriate formats compatible with your systems or analytic tools.
  6. Validation of prepared information for its accuracy, relevance, and consistency to ensure it is ready to be used for deriving valuable insights.
  7. Delivery and training for your team to ensure you are comfortable with the usage and management of your newly prepared data.

Big data preparation methods for your business

A part of data preparation is deciding on what service model suits your needs and business size best. At Nannostomus, we give you the freedom to pick whatever works better for your company.

Automated preparation

For large-scale, repetitive tasks, we use advanced tools and software for automated data preparation. This not only speeds up the process but also ensures consistency and precision, providing you with top-notch, ready-to-use data.

Self-service preparation

For businesses that prefer a hands-on approach, we provide self-service data preparation tools. These user-friendly tools empower you to clean, transform, and integrate your data as per your specific needs.

Data Preparation Process

Examples of data preparation in real-life

Whether you’re in retail, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, marketing, or any other sector, Nannostomus data preparation services will unlock insights from your raw information. No matter the scale or complexity, we’re here to turn your data challenges into success stories.


Your retail info may come from numerous sources like sales records, customer feedback, social media comments, and more. By preparing data for analysis, you unify these scattered details, eliminate redundancies, and create a comprehensive dataset that offers a clear view of your performance.


Your healthcare organization collects vast amounts of patient data. With data preparation in data mining, you clean and integrate patient records from various departments. This way, transforming raw, unstructured information into a structured format that is immediately ready for use.

Financial services

Harnessing the power of data preparation in data science, your financial company can cleanse, integrate, and transform raw financial data into actionable insights. Use this precise data for precise trend forecasting, risk assessment, portfolio optimization, and informed investment decisions.


Are you looking for a way to monitor and analyze data from numerous machines and sensors? Consider this data preparation example. We integrate and transform collected info from different assets into a compatible format for a quick analysis. Predict equipment failures, optimize production schedules, and enhance operational efficiency with insights provided by Nannostomus.


Does your marketing agency need to analyze campaign data to understand which strategies are performing best? Employ augmented data preparation implemented by Nannostomus. We use AI and machine learning techniques to automate data cleansing, integration, and transformation. Obtain a clean, structured dataset ready for detailed analysis faster than ever before.

Challenges of preparing data

Even though the meaning of data preparation is clear — turning raw, disordered data into clean, usable information — the journey isn’t always straightforward. You may encounter a few obstacles on the path to well-prepared data if you do it on your own.


Actionable and accurate information doesn’t just happen — it’s a result of the meticulous work of Nannostomus experts. If you don’t know how to handle large chunks of data, you risk encountering inaccuracies, inconsistencies, or duplicate entries in your datasets. At Nannostomus, we ensure every data point you receive from us is relevant, usable, and to the point.


You probably source information from numerous places. But merging this data into a single, unified format can be a daunting task if you don’t know the drill. The variety of formats and structures can further complicate the integration process — but not for Nannostomus. We are well-versed in different information types and the ways to smoothly sync them.


Are you concerned about the privacy side of info preparation? And you should be, especially when dealing with personal or proprietary data. Adhering to privacy regulations and maintaining confidentiality is a significant challenge for those who’s never dealt with processing information. It’s not the case for Nannostomus — we take proper care of insights only you should know.


We are always happy to see our clients grow. But it also means that their data needs grow, too. If you happen to prepare information in-house, you may soon figure out that you’ve exhausted your resources. That will never happen to Nannostomus. As you outsource preparing insights, you get peace of mind knowing that we can handle everything you want us to, no matter the volume.

Skill gap

Data preparation requires a certain level of technical skill and knowledge. You may not have an in-house team equipped to handle complex data preparation tasks. But there is a quick and effective solution — entrusting this activity to Nannostomus. Our team holds the right expertise to turn your raw data into meaningful insights.


Prepare data with Nannostomus

Experience the difference in how you use data. With Nannostomus, you’ll rapidly recognize the data preparation importance and see immediate results.

Accurate insights

Our rigorous data cleansing processes rectify inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and duplicates in your raw data. Receive up-to-date, relevant, and complete data that truly serves your business needs.

Fast turnover

We use advanced tools and techniques to accelerate the data preparation process to provide you with quality insights 4 times faster than anyone will ever do.


We transform your raw information into an easily accessible, understandable, and usable format. This empowers your team to derive meaningful insights, no matter the original data type.


At Nannostomus, we prioritize data security. We use advanced security measures to protect your sensitive data, and our processes comply with all data privacy regulations, ensuring you peace of mind.

Resource optimization

By entrusting your info preparation to us, you free up your in-house resources for tasks directly related to your business growth. We handle the heavy lifting of data preparation, providing you with an efficient way to utilize your resources.


Our data preparation services are designed to scale with your business. As your data volume grows, our robust solutions will handle it, ensuring you don’t have to worry about scalability issues.

Your route to clean and well-structured data starts at Nannostomus.