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LinkedIn web scraping

Web scrape LinkedIn data easily. Choose our full-service LinkedIn web scraping. Collaborate with a managed team. Or use our in-house tool. We have a solution for every data requirement.

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Web scraping LinkedIn options just for your business

Our team handles all your scraping LinkedIn needs. Get ready-to-use data in Excel, CSV, JSON, or other formats.

Get the best of two worlds: our expertise in LinkedIn data scraping and a team, assembled and managed by us, specifically for your project.

Prefer doing things your way? Our LinkedIn web scraper will integrate into your systems for in-house control.

Types of Amazon data to scrape with Nannostomus

Linkedin webscraping | Nannostomus Linkedin webscraping | Nannostomus

Profile data.

Extract LinkedIn profile data: contact details, experience, education, and skills.


Scrape LinkedIn posts and shared content across the network to gain insights.

Contact details.

Scrape LinkedIn emails and other details to build a network of valuable contacts.

Company employees.

Scrape LinkedIn company employees to dive into the workforce composition of companies.


Do LinkedIn data extraction to collect job descriptions, requirements, and postings.

Search results.

Scrape LinkedIn search results to gather targeted information and trends.

Data scraping from LinkedIn for better decisions

For streamlined recruitment.

Source top talent and understand the job market to streamline your recruitment process. Analyze comprehensive LinkedIn data to identify emerging talent trends and adapt your hiring strategies to secure the best candidates before your competitors do.

For lead generation.

Enhance your lead generation with fresh data for new outreach campaigns. We'll provide you with the latest contact information and professional insights. So you can personalize your pitches and connect with potential clients more effectively.

For training providers.

Find organizations or individuals that might be interested in your training programs at scale. Utilize LinkedIn data to tailor your offerings to the current market needs to ensure your courses resonate with the right audience and fill critical skill gaps.

For PR campaigns.

Monitor brand presence, track competitor activity, and identify influencers within your industry. Craft compelling narratives and manage your brand's reputation more proactively.

Web scraping on LinkedIn with Nannostomus

Automated flow.

We programmed our LinkedIn profile scraper to automatically collect data and test loading. Which means less time coding for us, and lower cost for you.

Structured data.

We deliver clean and organized data. Whether you need data in CSV, JSON, XLS, or other formats, we'll ensure it easily integrates with your systems.


Our LinkedIn data extractor supports simultaneous processing and automated data loading to cut maintenance time. Thus, reduce the service cost.

Flexible payment.

Ready for a long-time commitment? We offer installment payments and favorable maintenance fees.


Opt for our self-service scraping tool, service outsourcing, or managed team model—anything that works for you.


We adhere to lawful and ethical practices in gathering LinkedIn data. Our services are both respectful and compliant.

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