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Facebook web scraping

Whether you're looking for Facebook scraping outsourcing, a managed team, or a robust web scraping tool, we've got you covered. Request your free sample data today to see how we can make Facebook data work for you.

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How to scrap data from Facebook with Nannostomus

Simply tell us what data you need from Facebook, and our team will handle the rest. Hassle-free, efficient, and reliable.

Embed our qualified team within your organization. We manage HR, manage the process, and ensure timely data delivery, all under your roof.

Get direct access to our powerful Facebook web scraper. It's highly customizable and ready to deliver the data you need with great resource management capabilities.

Data you can scrape from Facebook pages

Web scraper for Facebook data harvesting | Nannostomus Web scraper for Facebook data harvesting | Nannostomus

Profile data.

Get publicly available names, friends, addresses, check-ins, interests, contact details, etc.


Capture post texts, images, videos, and their likes, shares, and comments to see what's trending.


Leverage web scraping Facebook groups to tap into group discussions, member lists, and activity rates.

Event data.

Stay updated on upcoming events, their locations, dates, and participant interest levels.

Marketplace data.

Extract listings, prices, item descriptions, seller information, and buyer interactions with web scraping Facebook Marketplace.


Collect URLs of profiles, pages, posts, and marketplace listings to be always connected to the right sources.

Use web scraping from Facebook for your business

Lead generation.

Leverage web scraping Facebook to analyze profiles and engagement patterns for identifying and connecting with leads that match your ideal customer profile. This method fills your sales pipeline with valuable leads. It makes your marketing more efficient. You'll see better conversion rates and a higher return on investment (ROI).

Background checks.

Use data from Facebook to perform comprehensive background checks. Verify the authenticity of individuals or businesses before you engage with them. Dive deeper into the background of potential hires or partnerships by understanding their interests, network, and online behavior to ensure they make a good fit for your organization.

Market analysis.

Stay ahead of the curve with in-depth market insights gathered from web scraping Facebook pages. Analyze trends, track competitor activities, and understand customer sentiments to make informed decisions and tailor your marketing strategies.

Product enhencement.

Scrape Facebook for user comments, reviews, and engagement on related posts to gather consumer feedback. This helps you improve your products to meet what customers want. Happy customers become loyal and recommend you to others.

Data scraping Facebook with Nannostomus

Automated flow.

We've fine-tuned our web scraper Facebook to automatically harvest data and manage loading. This means minimal coding on our end and more savings for you.

Structured data.

We provide you with clean, well-organized Facebook data ready to be seamlessly integrated into your projects or analysis.


Our Facebook data scrapers support concurrent processing and automated data management. This reduces maintenance efforts and, consequently, lowers costs.

Flexible payment.

Choose from our versatile offerings: access our scraping tool, outsource the entire process to us, or integrate our managed team into your operations.


Thinking long-term? We've got attractive options. We offer installment plans and competitive maintenance fees to support our partnership.


Our practices in scraping Facebook data are both ethical and compliant with legal standards. We ensure our methods are respectful and operate within the bounds of legality.

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