Social media scraping

Automatically gather information from LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other platforms with Nannostomus social media data collection services. Get easy-to-analyze data in structured formats. Start with FREE sample records.

Social media scraping

What is social media data scraping?

Still collect information across social media platforms manually? If you want to change your social media data collection methods—either because you want to scale data volumes or streamline the workflows, we're here for you. With automated social media scraping, you'll easily extract diverse data types (profile details, posts, comments, hashtags, user engagement, you name it).

We handle everything from collecting social media data to processing it. Get the insights you need with minimal effort on your part. Perfect for one-time projects or ongoing needs without the burden of managing the process internally.

Embrace hassle-free social media web scraping as we recruit, manage, and deploy the right experts who will closely align with your project goals. Benefit from predictable budgeting and continuous data flows.

Want to gain full control over the scraping process? Empower your team to handle data collection with our social media data extraction tool. It allows you to extract data while effectively managing your cloud resources.

What social media data you can scrape?

Social media data extraction and content analysis Social media data extraction and content analysis

User data.

Gather publicly available data about users, their interests, and behaviors.


Extract texts, images, and videos shared by users.


Track popular hashtags and keywords for trend analysis.


Collect user comments, likes, shares, and other forms of engagement.

Follower data.

Understand the follower base of users or brands.

Geolocation data.

Identify user locations to understand geographical trends.

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Scrape social media for better decisions

Marketing optimization.

Collect data from social media to truly understand your audience. Track how users interact with different content and brands to craft effective customer journey maps, ad campaigns, and produce more content your audience loves.

Background checks.

Need to hire new employees? Or want to add a new real estate service like run thorough community checks? Extract data from social media to see what's behind the people you or your clients are soon going to engage with.

Product enhancement.

Discover what users want or need to see in the product you offer. Collect and analyze data from social media discussions to have an idea of what customers love and what they’d like to see changed.

Brand monitoring.

Keep tabs on how people perceive your brand. Monitor mentions, sentiments, and overall engagement to refine your branding strategy.

Public information.

If you require a lot of data for your research or to be able to deliver better services to your clients, Nannostomus is here for you to pull data from any social media platform.

Competitive edge.

Run a business in a highly competitive landscape? Obtain data at a scale that will enable you to gain an upper hand.

Data collection from social media with Nannostomus

Automated flow.

We program our social media scraper to gather data, even from multiple platforms simultaneously.

Structured data.

We deliver clean, organized data, formatted for your immediate and straightforward analysis.


We make sure that every resource is used efficiently. Get data scraping capabilities at a fraction of the cost.


Data we deliver will seamlessly connect with your existing business intelligence, marketing, and analytical tools.


Choose our standalone scraper for in-house use or fully managed service for an end-to-end solution.


We stick to ethical social media data collection methods to deliver responsible services that respect the law.

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