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How to scrape data on Threads by Meta?

Threads, the latest social media sensation, is the brainchild of the tech giant Meta Platforms. It was launched on July 5 and is already operational in a hundred countries. In a mere span of 16 hours, this platform has drawn more than 30 million users. Threads outpaced even the exceptional growth trajectory of ChatGPT, becoming the most rapidly expanding platform in human history.

🌎Threads is not yet available in the European Union because of privacy legislation. Though, you can scrape data there using proxies and Nannostomus software.

As the user base grows, so does the wealth of data generated by Threads. Every post, interaction, and connection represents a data point that can reveal valuable insights for your business. So, today we’ll explore what sort of data you can fetch on this platform, how to leverage it for your company, and how Nannostomus can help you with that.

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What data you can extract from Threads by Instagram?

Meta Threads is a text-based application that allows its users to share text updates and engage in public conversations. Each post can be up to 500 characters and may include links, photos, and videos of up to 5 mins. So, when it comes to the data type you can fetch on Threads.net, you may gain insights from:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video

From another standpoint, you may collect information from the vast pool of Threads data stored in user profiles, posts, and comments.


Threads profiles are no different from those on Instagram. They may include info on:

  • Username — user’s identification on Threads
  • Full name — a real name or pseudonym
  • Bio — may include anything from the user’s location and age group to the languages they speak and their interest fields or job roles
  • Link — a link to another social media or website
  • Followers — who show interest in the user’s profile

☝ There are public and private profiles on Threads. While the information from public profiles is available to all platform users, private profile owners control who can see their bio and posts. This may add a bit of a challenge to those who want to collect data from private profiles without proper tools and knowing the effective scraping techniques.


Threads.net is a platform where people from all over the globe share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences through text and media. They can participate in discussions in the comment section, share the post to their feed, and more. Hence, you can expect to collect data on:

  • Hot topics — learn what’s trending and track the flow of topics over time
  • Brand mentions — monitor and manage the company’s reputation
  • Stats — track likes, shares, comments, timestamp
  • Competitors — keep an eye on your rivals to stay competitive
  • Customer behavior/preferences — get to know what your clients or prospects like and how they act to tailor your marketing campaigns to their needs and expectations

☝ Threads does not feature hashtags, so you can't collect this sort of information on this social media platform.

Threads interface

Who and how can benefit from Treands.net scraping?

Effective and strategic Threads.net scraping can open up new opportunities for a diverse range of entities. Here’s who stands to benefit the most and how they can leverage this new data source.

  • Businesses. Regardless of industry and size, companies may gain insights into their audience’s preferences, monitor brand reputation, and keep an eye on competitors. This real-time information can significantly aid in decision-making, shaping marketing strategies, enhancing customer engagement, and even guiding product development.
  • Market researchers. These experts may use Threads data to identify emerging trends, understand market shifts, and measure consumer sentiment. As they observe the interactions and discussions happening on this platform, they can spot patterns, identify opportunities, and forecast future trends.
  • Researchers and academics. Threads can be a great place to gather large volumes of public data for sociological, linguistic, or psychological studies.
  • Journalists and media houses. With access to information on real-time news and trending topics, media representatives can track discussions and global sentiment to spot stories as they are happening and gauge public interest in various issues.

Learn more about how data scraping will benefit your business in this article.

Just like with any social media platform and website, web scraping on Threads is legal as long as you are not violating any terms of service or privacy policies. You can fetch data from this source if:

How to scrape Threads data with Nannostomus?

Nannostomus offers two ways to scrape data from a new social media platform:

  • Managed data scraping service
  • Nannostomus software

If you don’t want to deal with the tech side of Threads scraping (either because you do not have an in-house team capable of that task or want it to stay focused on other aspects of their work), managed scraping services will work for your company better. With this form of partnership with Nannostomus you get:

  • Free test records to check whether we are on the same page and can deliver the information you need
  • Processed and cleaned data in the desired format
  • Information that smoothly integrates with your flows and tools
  • Data fetch from Threads in any language: be it English, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, or any other language
  • Actionable insights captured from text, images, and videos posted on Threads

Tech team workspace

In case you have a capable tech team with enough resources to carry out regular or real-time Threads scraping, Nannostomus will gladly share our scraping tool with you. This way, you have full control over what data you collect, when, and what you do with it.

  • Nannostomus engine that works 5 times faster than similar tools available on the market
  • Scalability and ability to process as many data sets as you need as our engine is hosted on the cloud
  • Training and support to help you get the most out of the Nannostomus software depending on your needs

Want to scrape information from Threads?

Threads is a new platform, and we expect that new features will be added soon. And it means more data points to scrape. We’ll keep an eye on this mobile app to provide you with recent information on what information you can fetch and how. Stay tuned.

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